Regular Expression Support

Heiko Schaefer heiko.schaefer at
Wed Feb 19 23:18:36 CET 2020

> On Tue 2020-02-18 12:58:21 +0100, Heiko Schaefer via Gnupg-devel wrote:
>> I've been working on tooling to help organizations set up signatures
>> between keys so they can more easily use the web of trust.
>> In this context, I plan to use Regular Expression ( packets.
> Heiko, it might be useful to point the list toward any documentation you
> have about how you intend to use regular expressions in the context of
> organization-based identity certification.
> There has been a series of problems with the GnuPG implementation of
> regexps even on those platforms where some portion of regex is
> implemented, iirc.
> Knowing which corners of regex (a complicated spec in itself!) are
> actively supported would be pretty useful.

Right now I'm using exactly the form of regex that is documented here:;59d49e4a0ac2ed27803507cb7d2c6af166527bd5%241524

So, for my use-case it would be sufficient to have working regexes of
the following type on all platforms:


(I've verified that the GnuPG build on Debian works as expected for my
use-case with this type of regex)


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