Instructions for confirming WKS requests manually

Andrew Gallagher andrewg at
Wed Mar 25 12:38:33 CET 2020

On 25/03/2020 11:05, Werner Koch wrote:
> Manual verification requires reading the specs and in the end you will
> use gpg-wks-cleint anyway.  Except for the option --send the tool also
> works on Windows and on Unices with no installed sendmail You merely fee
> the entire mail into gpg-wks-tool and it writes the confirmation mail to
> stdout.
It's the next step that I'm struggling with. If I have access to a
sendmail elsewhere then sure, I can cut and paste the stdout. But I'm
more concerned with use cases that lack local delivery or terminal
access, and rely on e.g. Mailvelope. If one has 2fa enabled on mail
accounts port 25 is going to be a world of pain, and won't work from
inside most corporate firewalls anyway...

I've tried various permutations of attaching the output from
gpg-wks-client to a webmail message but it always seems to get wrapped
in MIME parts that contradict the real content type, and gpg-wks-server
invariably treats it as cruft.

Is there any way that I can reliably get the PGP block through a
misbehaving webmail and have it understood at the server end?

Andrew Gallagher

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