[PATCH] Add rpath so the Qt libs are found at runtime

Daniel Kahn Gillmor dkg at fifthhorseman.net
Thu Mar 26 13:45:46 CET 2020

On Sun 2019-12-22 10:11:56 +0100, David Faure wrote:
> Subject: [PATCH] Add rpath so the Qt libs are found at runtime
> This is necessary when Qt is installed into a custom prefix.
> --- a/m4/qt.m4
> +++ b/m4/qt.m4
> @@ -57,6 +57,11 @@ AC_DEFUN([FIND_QT],
>      fi
> +    qtlibdir=`"$PKG_CONFIG" --variable libdir Qt5Core`
> +    if test -n "$qtlibdir"; then
> +        PINENTRY_QT_LDFLAGS="$PINENTRY_QT_LDFLAGS -Wl,-rpath \"$qtlibdir\""
> +    fi
> +

hm, this *isn't* actually necessary on some platforms (debian, at least)
where "pkg-config --variable libdir Qt5Core" is non-empty.

    0 dkg at alice:~$ pkg-config --variable libdir Qt5Core
    0 dkg at alice:~$ 

(pinentry-qt does work fine on debian, without this patch)

Furthermore, RPATH is discouraged on debian, and has been for ages.
Details here:


I'd rather not have to revert this patch in debian; is there some better
test that can be used?  or can we add a flag to configure that will
avoid setting rpath?

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