hkp4py hkp|hkps bindings for python.

Vincent Breitmoser look at
Thu Mar 26 18:10:43 CET 2020

Hi Marcel,

thanks for working on VKS support :)

> Can someone look into it. I am currently curious if it breaks current stuff.

Looks good to me, only remarks I have is you probably don't need to quote the
key id, and the "host" variable should be called "baseURI" or something, "if not
host.startswith("hkp"):" looks odd. On that last bit, checks like that should
always include the :, you don't want to match an "hkpkpkp" schema.

The "vks" schema is kind of an informal thing that comes from Enigmail.
I wonder if we should adopt it (slightly) more formally in our API docs.

> I also want to know if hkp4py`s further releases need to support python
> 2.7.x and python 3.5.x and older.

python2 is EOL, and projects that still rely on it shouldn't invest development
time into anything other than fixing that.


 - V

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