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Werner Koch wk at
Mon Mar 15 18:40:09 CET 2021

On Thu, 25 Feb 2021 16:40, Marco Ricci said:

>   * A static build with LDFLAGS=-static works in all components except
>     GnuPG itself, where neither the linked in libsqlite3.a nor
>     libgpg-error.a can resolve the dlsym and pthread symbols.

We need pthreads on Unix and also dlopen some functions (e.g. PC/SC).
Building statically has never been intended.

>   * Both the npth and gnupg configure scripts claim to support
>     --with-libksba-prefix=DIR. Using that option has no effect. Using
>     the option --with-ksba-prefix=DIR instead (i.e. without the "lib"
>     prefix) works, and has the desired effect.

Both should be supported but indeed we tweaked the build system some
time ago.  Gniibe: would you mind to check whether we can fix this?

>   * ntbtls configure claims to support --with-zlib=DIR. Using this has
>     no effect; zlib is required to be in the standard location, else the
>     build fails.

I need to check this but actually this is teh same code as in gpg.

>   * gnupg configure does not support specifying an alternate sqlite3
>     location; there is no --with-sqlite3-prefix or similar. My example
>     build thus linked against SQLite 3.27 as provided by my system,
>     instead of SQLite 3.34 as intended by me.

For our speedo build script we use our own hosted version of sqlite.
Actually you may want to use the speedo build method
(build-aux/ if you have many non-standard libraries.

Thanks for testing.



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