Sending key to WKS manually

Dashamir Hoxha dashohoxha at
Tue Mar 16 22:56:12 CET 2021

On Tue, Mar 16, 2021 at 6:58 PM ilf wrote:
> Mutt is not an smtp client, but a full-fledged MUA. Seems like you want
> something like instead.

Indeed, Mutt is not the right tool for sending emails from programs,
and msmtp seems to be the best one. I used msmtp like this:

1. Send a key publishing request:
/usr/lib/gnupg/gpg-wks-client \
        --create AB97233AD0EB0180882D1227799020EF6FF16876 user3 at \
    | msmtp \
        --read-envelope-from --read-recipients \
        --tls=on --auth=on \ --port=587 \
        --user=user3 at --passwordeval="echo pass3"

2. When the email with subject "Confirm your key publication" arrives,
save it as a text file.

3. Send the confirmation email with a command like this:
cat Confirm-your-key-publication.eml | /usr/lib/gnupg/gpg-wks-client --receive \
    | msmtp  \
        --tls=on --auth=on \
        --read-envelope-from --read-recipients \ --port=587 \
        --user=user3 at --passwordeval="echo pass3"

It is not that bad, if you know how to do it.


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