PKCS#12 password length limit in sm/minip12.c

Rainer Perske rainer.perske at
Tue Nov 9 10:21:40 CET 2021


> > Before I file a bug report: Is there any good reason for limiting the
> > password length for PKCS#12 files to 63/2 = 31 bytes in line 354 of
> > "sm/minip12.c"?

> Sorry, I can't remember why I write it this way 18 years ago.  Maybe we
> had different specs back then or the limit was a shortcut to not
> implement the whole thing.  But in the latter case there should have
> been a note in the code.

thank you so far!

> To tell more, I would need to revisit the specs.

Two of our users hit the limit, this is why this problem popped up.

I know that you are busy with more urgent problems but I'd be glad if 
you could put it on your to-do list :-)

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