PKCS#12 password length limit in sm/minip12.c

Bernhard Reiter bernhard at
Wed Nov 17 14:45:22 CET 2021

Hello Rainer,

Am Dienstag 09 November 2021 10:21:40 schrieb Rainer Perske:
> > > Before I file a bug report: Is there any good reason for limiting the
> > > password length for PKCS#12 files to 63/2 = 31 bytes in line 354 of
> > > "sm/minip12.c"?

> I'd be glad if you could put it on your to-do list :-)

usually it is helpful if you actually open a task on
and link or quote helpful information.
For example the latest RKCS#12 specs section that deals with it or so.
This helps Werner and other devs to be fast when they have timeslot
to work on the issue in the future.

Patches are also welcome, but would need to have a DCO.

also has a remark and a workaround that seem to be related.
Maybe you can add a link to the new issue there.

Best Regards,

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