Suggestion for OpenPGP standard update

Werner Koch wk at
Thu Nov 2 08:53:26 CET 2023


On Wed,  1 Nov 2023 13:43, Jeff Schmidt said:

> That's 108 characters just for OpenPGP. If that could be abbreviated, 
> that would save some precious chars for people's actual messages. I 

Ist seems your are using clearsigned signature which is a legacy method
back from the BBS times.  It still has its use cases but those are
pretty limited.  A better way for a realvily new protocol is to use a
detached signature - either in the MIME format (if MIME is already used
by Mastodon) or by using a cusom format like Git does it.  You save a
lot of extra octets and avoid many pitfalls in clearsigned texts.

But yes, this requires some kind of support in Mastodon.

> So, for example, maybe something like:
> --BPSM--
> H: SHA512

Mastodon clients may post- and pre- process such message before they are fed to
gpg.  But I would not suggest this.



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