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> 1. There are a lot of branches version. The GnuPG of my package manager
> is following the 2.2.x version's. But the current version on gnupg.org
> is 2.4.x . There are also 2.5-base and 2.6-base. My question is: which
> git branch should I use for my translation?

The stable branch is 2.4 - please translate only this branch.  Don't
case about the base tags - they are only used for our automatic version
numering method.  GnuPG 2.6 will take another year before we can do a
release and then it will likely first be a 2.5 release for early

> 2. When done, to where do I send the git patch?

translations at gnupg.org is a good address.

> 3. Last time I sent a git patch to an address, my email provider blocked
> me sending the email, because my email provider flagged it as suspicious
> of being SPAM. I probably will have to send the patch on a tar archive,

This summer we had a massive backscatter attack on our server.
Meanwhile we migrated to a new server and also use BATS.  So all things
should be fine now.

> or send the patch as an OpenPGP encrypted email. Is this ok? Which of
> the two options is best? (first, I will try to send it unencrypted)

Signed commint would be the proofread thinsg but a signed mail is also

Thanks for helping with translations.


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