What's going on?

Horacio MG homega@ciberia.es (Horacio)
Wed, 17 May 2000 00:35:05 +0200


I've just realized that there's been a split(?) from the mainstream 
manual development ... or some such.

All messages I've been able to trace belong to the gnupg-doc-de@ list,
and it seems there have been some changes in the [de]-side of the manual
(a rewrite, just changed the name files, further development ...

I'm afraid I can NOT translate from German, I wish I could, but my 
German is only good to ask for a glass of red wine (that's "ein glass,
rottschwein, bitte", richtig? ;) 

If whatever has been done is going to be, sooner or later, translated
into English, fine, but it would be nicer seeing how things are marching
and perhaps getting a snapshot (ops! forgot this is a gnu zone) every
now and then.

p.s.  else, I might just try a "wild translation" with the "wortenbuch"
in hand (risky as seen earlier };)


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