What's going on?

Peter Neuhaus pneuhaus@openit.de
Fri, 19 May 2000 11:51:13 +0200


On Wed, 17 May 2000, Horacio MG wrote:

> I've just realized that there's been a split(?) from the mainstream
> manual development ... or some such.
I'm currently working on the german GNU Privacy Handbook... there are some changes and some additions to the english edition. Here's a brief account on what was done (and what's still going on)... there are (or will be) some new chapters: - a foreword (like "what's cryptography good for, why GnuPG?") - a concise chapter on legal implications (with special focus on germany) - a chapter on the GNU Privacy Assistant - a glossary of acronyms and technical terms used in the book - a bibliography (recommended books) - a guide to further resources on the internet - an index - and hopefully a chapter on Mozilla/Outlook plugins - a concise reference derived from the manpage - the GPL ? an appendix on how to install GnuPG on different Platforms ? the following chapters have been dropped: - c5 (topics) - c6 (command reference) - c7 (options reference) the order and (therefore) the naming scheme have been changed: NEW OLD foreword.sgml concepts.sgml c2.sgml intro.sgml c1.sgml keymanag.sgml c3.sgml dailyuse.sgml c4.sgml cryptolaw.sgml gloss.sgml biblio.sgml There are plenty of minor changes throughout the remaining text as well... *** Please be aware that it is still a work in progress; not all changes and additions have been committed, yet... ***
> I'm afraid I can NOT translate from German, I wish I could, but my
> German is only good to ask for a glass of red wine (that's "ein glass,
> rottschwein, bitte", richtig? ;)
"Ein Glass Bier, bitte" sounds better ;-)
> If whatever has been done is going to be, sooner or later, translated
> into English
That's a good idea - as soon as the german version is in (or close to) a final stade. I'm looking forward to cooperate...
> p.s. else, I might just try a "wild translation" with the "wortenbuch"
> in hand (risky as seen earlier };)
Don't ;-) I will post to this list as soon as there is anything important going on in the german GPH project. bye, Peter