localization of response in interactive menus

Daniel Resare noa@melody.se
Wed, 15 Dec 1999 10:12:36 +0100

Hello translators!

I just want to bring up an issue that i have been thinking
about working with the swedish translation of the gnupg.
Some strings in the po-file are of the type "nN" and other
are "quit" and if you look at the source the strings are
obviously used to be matched with user input.

I see a problem with translating this type of message
and that is that you change the behaviour of the
translated program depending on which locale the user chooses.
But on the other hand it is nice to let the user use 
a localized option to its input.

The ideal solution to this as I see it is that the english
versions of these 'response'-strings are hardcoded into
the c-source along with the N_()-marked strings that the
translators translates to their native languages. A comment
that gets propagated to the po-files that says somehting
in the lines of 'go ahead and translate this, the original
english commands will still work' would be great also.

just a thought

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