localization of response in interactive menus

Walter Koch koch@hsp.de
Wed, 15 Dec 1999 23:11:34 +0100


am / On Wed, 15 Dec 1999 10:12:36 +0100, schrieb Daniel Resare
<noa@melody.se> wrote: 

>I see a problem with translating this type of message
>and that is that you change the behaviour of the
>translated program depending on which locale the user chooses.
This is a sensitive area, but it should be no problem with modified user input. It is an import feature of i18n. We have to handle it careful, of course.
>But on the other hand it is nice to let the user use
>a localized option to its input.
Not only nice, it is IMHO required.
>The ideal solution to this as I see it is that the english
>versions of these 'response'-strings are hardcoded into
>the c-source along with the N_()-marked strings that the
>translators translates to their native languages.
This work. But maybe there are languages, where "Y" means No or "N" means Yes. So Werner should mark the hardcoded Y and N with a comment, that forbids the translation of this strings, but in those languages. Gruss, Walter (de) -- Walter Koch Hochdahl am Neandertal http://www.hsp.de/~koch/ qrv:db0iz-9 walter@1409.org ham:dg9ep@db0iz koch@hsp.de