localization of response in interactive menus

Peter Gerwinski peter@gerwinski.de
Mon, 20 Dec 1999 18:31:55 +0100

Werner Koch wrote:

> Frankly, I don't believe that there are languages which do swap the
> meaning of Y and N and if they answer strings are tanslated it
> shouldn't harm anyway becuase the hardcoded english answers will never
> be used.
In Greek, "ne" means "yes". Just my 0.02 EUR, Peter -- http://home.pages.de/~Peter.Gerwinski/ - G-N-U GmbH: http://www.g-n-u.de Maintainer GNU Pascal - http://home.pages.de/~GNU-Pascal/ - gpc-19990118 GnuPG key fingerprint: 9E7C 0FC4 8A62 5536 1730 A932 9834 65DB 2143 9422 keys: ftp://ftp.gerwinski.de/pub/keys/ - AntiSpam: http://spam.abuse.net