PATCH: translation of commands

Thu, 3 Feb 2000 09:43:20 +0000

Werner Koch <>:

> > Here's a patch which, I think, helps with the i18n of commands. A
> > translater may translate "help|?|" as "hilfe|help|?", for example, and
> > then any unambiguous prefix of "hilfe" or of "help" will be accepted.
> Thanks for the path. But I think that this gets too complicated for
> command line options. It should be possible even for a non-english
> speaking user to enter some letters as described in the documentaion
> (which of course should be in her language). Keeping the code clean
> is a major design issue.
We could keep the code clean by using a general-purpose function for interpreting commands, as I suggested in a subsequent message: a function that does all the stuff involving unambiguous prefixes in one place in a consistent way that programmers and translators can understand.
> Translating Yes/No/Quit and leaving the english ones as alias is IMO
> okay, as users are often used to just hit the J key (German) or the
> Y-key.
Probably, unless there is a language in which the translation of one of the words starts with the same letter as one of the other words. (Greek "ne", which means "yes", is a nice example of a confusing word; but in Greek the word starts with ν [nu], really, so I don't know of a real example of this problem.)
> So sorry, I will not apply this patch.
Good, because I now realise that it would be a bad idea to put such complicated functionality in-line in the code. But I think we should discuss this issue of translating commands and perhaps implement it using a single function in one place, perhaps like the function I suggested. Edmund