Some suggestions to the German translation.

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Am Montag 28 Januar 2008 14:16:57 schrieb Werner Koch:
> On Wed, 23 Jan 2008 10:53, ludwig.reiter at said:
> > - Replace "Passphrase/Passphrasen" with "Passwort/Passwörter"
> > I don't like the word "Passphrase". It sounds strange in German and the
> > meaning of "Phrase" is quiet negative. The normal word would be
> > "Passwort"

> We had this discussion years ago.  Password is plainly wrong because it
> leads users to enter just one word.  And well a couple of years ago we
> replaced the 10 years old translation "Mantra" by "Passphrase" because
> we all agreed that this technical term can't be avoided (cf. PIN).
> > Schreibe im Servermodus Logs auf DATEI
> > ->Schreibe im Servermodus Logs in DATEI
> "auf" is correct German in the field of IT; there are other examples
> like "anlisten".
> > Tastatur und Maus nicht "grabben"
> > This is not correct. Grabben is no German.
> There is no translation for it.

> > dirmngr:
> >  Ãbergehe HTTP CRL Distribution Points
> > "Distribution Points" is not German and should be translated
> > with "Verteilungspunkte" or something equal.
> No.  That is a technical term.  We won't translate this.  Look at old
> IBM manuals to see how weird such translations can get.
> > Setze das LDAP Timeout auf N Sekunden
> > "Timeout" is not German. Perhaps "Zeitabschaltung" is betterr.
> Timeout is als a technical term.
The change from "Policy" to "Richtlinie" is okay then?
I also think "Mindestlänge" is better then "kleinste erlaubte Länge".
Is this okay either?

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