Some suggestions to the German translation.

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Mon Jan 28 14:16:57 CET 2008

On Wed, 23 Jan 2008 10:53, ludwig.reiter at said:

> - Replace "Passphrase/Passphrasen" with "Passwort/Passwörter"
> I don't like the word "Passphrase". It sounds strange in German and the 
> meaning of "Phrase" is quiet negative. The normal word would be "Passwort"

We had this discussion years ago.  Password is plainly wrong because it
leads users to enter just one word.  And well a couple of years ago we
replaced the 10 years old translation "Mantra" by "Passphrase" because
we all agreed that this technical term can't be avoided (cf. PIN).

> Schreibe im Servermodus Logs auf DATEI
> ->Schreibe im Servermodus Logs in DATEI

"auf" is correct German in the field of IT; there are other examples
like "anlisten".

> Tastatur und Maus nicht "grabben"
> This is not correct. Grabben is no German.

There is no translation for it.

> dirmngr:
>  Ãbergehe HTTP CRL Distribution Points
> "Distribution Points" is not German and should be translated 
> with "Verteilungspunkte" or something equal.

No.  That is a technical term.  We won't translate this.  Look at old
IBM manuals to see how weird such translations can get.

> Setze das LDAP Timeout auf N Sekunden
> "Timeout" is not German. Perhaps "Zeitabschaltung" is betterr.

Timeout is als a technical term.



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