Some suggestions to the German translation.

Jonathan Leffler jleffler at
Wed Jan 23 18:21:58 CET 2008

Ludwig Reiter wrote:

- Replace "Passphrase/Passphrasen" with "Passwort/Passwörter"
I don't like the word "Passphrase". It sounds strange in German and the 
meaning of "Phrase" is quiet negative. The normal word would be "Passwort"

The English term 'passphrase' has the connotation of 'long password 
consisting of more than one word'.
Does the German 'passwort' have that extended meaning - or does it imply a 
short (eg single word) string?

(PS: Lotus Notes crashed when I first tried to send this - I hope this is 
not a resend, but apologize if it is.)

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