French translation partly broken (maybe?)

"David Prévot" taffit at
Tue Aug 19 21:06:22 CEST 2014


> Somone reported on the Wald message board for Gpg4Win that the french
> translation of the pinentry passphrase dialog is broken:

Once bypassed the SSL certificate weirdness, one is expected to be logged
in to see the message, could you please paste it here instead?

> Looking at the .po file I can confirm some weirdness:
> #: g10/passphrase.c:282
> #, c-format
> msgid ""
> "Please enter the passphrase to unlock the secret key for the OpenPGP "
> "certificate:\n"
> "\"%.*s\"\n"
> "%u-bit %s key, ID %s,\n"
> "created %s%s.\n"
> msgstr ""
> "Veuillez entrer la phrase de passe pour déverrouiller la clef secrète
> pour "
> "le\n"
> "certificat OpenPGP :\n"
> "« %2$.*1$s »\n"
> "clef %4$s de %3$u bits, identifiant %5$s,\n"
> "créée le %6$s%7$s.\n"
> There are several more occurrences of that pattern where %1 %2 etc. is
> used instead of %s %u and consorts.

The argument order is not the same in every languages, see e.g.:

> Can you please take a look at this? Or is this Ok in some gettext version
> and we need to change something in gpg4win?

I’m happy to have a closer look at the issue once I’ll now what it is
about, but it may actually be a platform specific issue (not being a *win
user, my knowledge is pretty limited here).



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