[GpgOL] Providing Dutch (nl) translation

Andre Heinecke aheinecke at intevation.de
Tue May 15 09:10:40 CEST 2018


On Monday, May 14, 2018 11:33:22 PM CEST Erwin Bronkhorst wrote:
> As a big fan of Outlook, Dutch translations and of course GPG, I am a daily
> user of GpgOL. I noticed that there is no Dutch translation available for
> this software, so I decided to contribute to the project.

Cool, thank you!

> For my own convenience, I have created a fork on GitHub and committed my
> changes there. You are probably only interested in [1]. I have tried to use
> the same translations as used in Kleopatra, to keep the user experience
> consistent. Unfortunately, I was not able to compile a working version of de
> add-on, so I could not check if all strings fit within the UI.

If you have a Debian GNU/Linux at hand and are interested in help with 
compiling you can ask me questions by mail or in #gpg4win on freenode IRC.

The INSTALL instructions should work and I would be interested where you 
failed to improve the instructions.

To be honest I don't keep proper track on dependencies and e.g. rely on new 
GPGME features as soon as they are added :-/ Sorry. The NEED_GPGME_VERSION 
part in your patch is also correct. ;-)

But test the new translation yo do not need to recompile GpgOL.

Just run msgfmt on the po file and copy the resulting  gpgol.mo to

GpgOL should pick it up automatically.

> If you decide to add Dutch


> I will try to keep the translations up-to-date
> with your ongoing development. What will be the preferred way of providing
> new translations?  Attaching patch files to an email on this mailing list, as
> I see mostly done in the archives of this list?

Basically what you prefer. Patches done with git format-patch are good, but If 
you give me a ping saying that you've updated your github clone I can also 
fetch the patch.

Again thanks!
Can I also interest you in translating GpgEX and the Gpg4win Installer? :-P


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