[GpgOL] Providing Dutch (nl) translation

Erwin Bronkhorst erwinbronkhorst at gmail.com
Tue May 15 21:19:36 CEST 2018

Hello Andre,

> > For my own convenience, I have created a fork on GitHub and committed my
> > changes there. You are probably only interested in [1]. I have tried to use
> > the same translations as used in Kleopatra, to keep the user experience
> > consistent. Unfortunately, I was not able to compile a working version of de
> > add-on, so I could not check if all strings fit within the UI.
> If you have a Debian GNU/Linux at hand and are interested in help with
> compiling you can ask me questions by mail or in #gpg4win on freenode IRC.
> The INSTALL instructions should work and I would be interested where you
> failed to improve the instructions.
> To be honest I don't keep proper track on dependencies and e.g. rely on new
> GPGME features as soon as they are added :-/ Sorry. The NEED_GPGME_VERSION
> part in your patch is also correct. ;-)

First of all, I need to be honest here: I use Debian for WSL (which works surprisingly well, but might have unforeseen consequences) and I don't like 'magic' scripts that do all kind of things in my build environment that I don't know about.
So I kindly ignored the instructions in the INSTALL file and did what I thought was the correct thing to do ;-). Based on one of the compilation errors I got, I found out that at least I had to update GPGME on my system and I decided to update the configure.ac right away to help other stubborn people out there as well :-P.

Solving my compilation problems is probably not the right thing to discuss on this mailing list, so I will use one of the options you gave when needed.

> But test the new translation yo do not need to recompile GpgOL.
> Just run msgfmt on the po file and copy the resulting  gpgol.mo to
> <gpg4win_dir>\şhare\locale\nl\LC_MESSAGES
> GpgOL should pick it up automatically.

This is nice and works perfectly. I will probably tweak some translations based on what I see on the screen now, and let you know if I made any changes.

> > If you decide to add Dutch
> Added:
> https://git.gnupg.org/cgi-bin/gitweb.cgi?
> p=gpgol.git;a=commitdiff;h=b22996a01b8c90a81c71df0caed0f6f3e20a1f79


> Can I also interest you in translating GpgEX and the Gpg4win Installer? :-P

Sure, I will put some effort in it the coming weeks and let you know when it is finished.


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