Question about translation and updated Dutch translations for GpgOL

Erwin Bronkhorst erwinbronkhorst at
Thu Jan 3 23:25:36 CET 2019


I have been working on an updated Dutch translation for GpgOL, but I'm not
sure about one translation record: "trust in". As far as I understand the
source code (mail.cpp, line 2363) (my C++ knowledge is almost none) it is
used in a sentence like:

GpgOL: Level 3 trust in John Doe

Which says something like "GpgOL tells you that you have a level 3 trust in
John Doe"

But I'm not completely sure about this. Could anyone confirm this, or give
some context about this string?

If my assumption is (more or less) correct, you can find the updated
translations on GitHub: If not, please let
me know: I might need to change the current translation.

Kind regards,
Erwin Bronkhorst

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