Question about translation and updated Dutch translations for GpgOL

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Mon Jan 7 10:27:39 CET 2019


On Thursday 3 January 2019 23:25:36 CET Erwin Bronkhorst wrote:
> I have been working on an updated Dutch translation for GpgOL, but I'm not
> sure about one translation record: "trust in". As far as I understand the
> source code (mail.cpp, line 2363) (my C++ knowledge is almost none) it is
> used in a sentence like:
> GpgOL: Level 3 trust in John Doe
> Which says something like "GpgOL tells you that you have a level 3 trust in
> John Doe"

That is correct. It is the string that is on the green category bar for signed 
messages. It indicates which Mail address was used for verification so it would 

GpgOL: Level 3 trust in 'john at'

> But I'm not completely sure about this. Could anyone confirm this, or give
> some context about this string?

I'll add a translator comment about that string. Just having the placeholders 
is indeed confusing:

      /* TRANSLATORS: The first placeholder is for tranlsation of "Level".
         The second one is for the level number. The third is for the
         translation of "trust in" and the last one is for the mail
         address used for verification. The result is used as the
         text on the green bar for signed mails. e.g.:
         "GpgOL: Level 3 trust in 'john.doe at'"

It looks like:

> If my assumption is (more or less) correct, you can find the updated
> translations on GitHub:
> If not, please let
> me know: I might need to change the current translation.

I'll pull your change. Thanks.

Best Regards,

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