Trusted... NOT!

Juan Carlos Castro y Castro
Fri, 27 Aug 1999 10:19:03 -0300

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Frank Tobin wrote:

> Juan Carlos Castro y Castro, at 19:14 on Thu, 26 Aug 1999, wrote:
> > Hi. I tried to use the --edit-key <person name> option in order to stop
> > gpg from giving me warnings about "non-trusted key". It showed the key
> > info, I gave the trust comand and then said I trust fully, exited and
> > when I tried to encrypt the same thing happened:
> You need to verify the key also, either by having the secret key for it,
> or by signing the public key.
Yep... it worked! My problem was that I use GnomePGP, and it gets confused when the command-line utility presents an "are-you-sure" warning prompt. Now it still presents a warning, but it's non-interactive (RSA keys are deprecated). Thanx 4 the help! Well, now that I signed the guy's public key, I can send him back this info in order to slightly increase his credibility, can't I? (Not that he needs it that much). --------------550FB6145CE48E9E22750202 Content-Type: text/x-vcard; charset=us-ascii; name="jcastro.vcf" Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit Content-Description: Card for Juan Carlos Castro y Castro Content-Disposition: attachment; filename="jcastro.vcf" begin:vcard n:Castro;Juan tel;work:55 (21) 540-9100 x-mozilla-html:FALSE url: org:APPI Informática Ltda.;Desenvolvimento adr:;;Av. Ataulfo de Paiva, 135/1410;Rio de Janeiro;RJ;22449-900;Brazil version:2.1 email; title:Consultor note:One man alone cannot fight the future. USE LINUX! x-mozilla-cpt:;28896 fn:Juan Carlos Castro y Castro end:vcard --------------550FB6145CE48E9E22750202--