New UK crypto law and an idea on how to defeat it

Brian Galbraith
Wed, 01 Dec 1999 19:26:32 -0000 (GMT)

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On 01-Dec-99 Lars Hecking wrote:

>> My personal view is that such a bill may not happen. But if it does, it
>> will
>> be mainly used for Organised Crime and Pedophile and not against the
>> average person on the street.
I live in the UK, and have spoken to a few police officers about this. I have been told that the use of encryption leads to suspicion of these very things. I have also been told that if I had nothing to hide, I would have no interest in encryption.
> The only way to defeat such a bill, should it happen, would be to
> propagate widespread public use of crypto. Now, let them try to
> lock up one millon. Or five million.
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