Sun, 28 Feb 1999 12:54:54 +0100

Hi there,

I have a few questions about gpg which I've been wondering about for a while
now.  I have a backup copy of my keyrings generated while I was still a
windoze user.  These belong to PGP v5.5.3i, and contain various keys
generated with that version, in DH/DSS and RSA, as well as another generated
with CK-T (a pgp non-official hack).

Currently I have installed PGP v2.6.3i in Debian/Linux, and was trying to
configure v5.0i as well.  My questions are:

- Will I be able to make use of the keys (RSA and DH/DSS) which I have in
the secring.skr and pubring.pkr with GPG?
(Just to make this question a bit more clearer, I just want to be able to
have them in my GPG keyrings, not being able to generate new RSAs or
DH/DSSs, just encrypting, decrypting, signing, verifying,... under GPG).

- If yes, would that be as straight forward as to copying those keyrings to
GPG's conf, or will I need to still have a copy of PGP v2.6.3i and/or v5.0i,
and separate keyrings?

- Last, could anyone explain the algorithms (DA/ElGamal?) GPG uses for
de/encryption and signing and how will they affect to cross messages between
GPG and PGP users?

Thank you in advanced, and my apologies if this was much to ask for a first
question to the list.