strange behavior when encrypting

Holger Schurig
Fri, 9 Jul 1999 16:38:37 +0200

Hi !

I use GnuPG 0.9.8 and had the following dialog:

holger:~$ gnupg --batch --yes --armor -r 0xD2FFFB8D --encrypt testfile
gpg: D2FFFB8D: no info to calculate a trust probability
gpg: no valid addressees
gpg: testfile: encryption failed: no such user id

So GnuPG thinks the user id does not exist --- after if found
out that it exists (because it correctly moaned about the missing
trust). Let's look at the key:

holger:~$ gnupg --list-keys 0xD2FFFB8D
pub  1024R/D2FFFB8D 1999-07-08 TEST KEY <>

As you can see, this is an RSA key that I generated with PGP 2.6.3
and later imported into the GnuPG key ring.

However, if I do everything manual, then it works:

holger:~$ gnupg --armor -r 0xD2FFFB8D --encrypt testfile
Could not find a valid trust path to the key.  Let's see whether we
can assign some missing owner trust values.

No path leading to one of our keys found.

1024R/D2FFFB8D 1999-07-08 "TEST KEY <>"

It is NOT certain that the key belongs to its owner.
If you *really* know what you are doing, you may answer
the next question with yes

Use this key anyway? yes
gpg: RSA keys are deprecated; please consider creating a new key and use this key in the future

Okay, now it worked.

Options that might influence from my ~/.gnupg/options file:
load-extension tiger
load-extension skipjack
load-extension rsa
load-extension idea

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