encrypting and signing for pgp2

Werner Koch wk@gnupg.org
Mon, 12 Jul 1999 10:26:57 +0200

Holger Schurig <holger@holger.om.org> writes:

> Here it's the other way around. May this be the reason?
Yes. It is not possible to fist output the signature and then the data if you get the data from stdin and don't want to use temporary files. A while back Remi posted a set of patches to let GnuPG do exactly this - but I don't liked them (because of the extra complexity and the temp files) ;-) It is possible to do this with another tool (Michael, can pgpgpg do that?): 1. create the signed file 2. cut off the signature and move it to the begin 3. encrypt this file -- Werner Koch at guug.de www.gnupg.org keyid 621CC013