large pub key import

Alan Ferrency
Wed, 28 Jul 1999 10:28:40 -0400 (EDT)

> huh... I can't compile anymore under FreeBSD (FreeBSD 2.2.7-RELEASE #0,
> gcc I have a make error. I'm just using configure & make, and
> it was working for 0.9.8.
> Making all in mpi
> make in free(): warning:
> chunk is already free.
> Segmentation fault - core dumped
> *** Error code 1
I took care of this problem by using gmake instead of make on freebsd 2.2.6. But after I got the make to stop crashing, I started having unresolved symbols in libmpi. I fixed that by manually prepending an underscore to the symbols in mpi/*.S, but I think there must be a better way than tweaking the code directly. I asked about this yesterday but no one has gotten back to me about it yet. Alan