Verifying GnuPG-signed documents with PGP 5.0i
Wed, 16 Jun 1999 11:10:36 +0200

I wrote:

> > I have tried to verify GnuPG-signed documents with PGP 5.0i,
> > (the newest available international version of PGP for unix
Werner Koch <> replied:
> 5.0i is very old and very buggy.
You are so right. I'm very glad that GnuPG is available now!!!
> > - However, when I merely do 'gpg -s' or 'gpg -a -s', then PGP
> > dies with signal 11 (segmentation violation).
> Did you keep the --force-v3-sigs in your options file?
> Your message uses compression algorithm 2 which pgp 5 does not understand,
> if you would have encrypted to someone elses key (created by pgp5.0), gpg
> would have use algorithm 1 because algo 2 is probably not listed in the
> recipients compress algo preferences. But if you don't encrypt, gpg
> uses a default algorithm. Compress algorithm yields better compression
> rates than 1.
Many thanks for this explanation! However I'm wondering why don't you make algo 1 the default algorithm, for better compatibility with PGP?
> You can override this with the option --compress-algo 1 or don't use
> compression at all (-z 0)
I have now put compress-algo 1 in my ~/.gnupg/options file; however I'm wondering whether this might have the undesired side-effect of using algo 1 also when encrypting to a recipient who is known to use software that can handle algo 2 also. May blessings from the eternal God surprise and overtake you! Norbert. -- New snail mail address: Norbert Bollow, Weidlistr. 18, CH-8624 Gruet.