PGP does not accept session key

Stefan Nobis
27 Jun 1999 00:01:40 +0200

>>>>> In article <87g13fx9zq.fsf@teddy.home>, Stefan Nobis
>>>>> <> writes:
Stefan> I have a problem, sending encrypted mails to a PGP user. All Stefan> mails i send can't be decryptet by PGP (V 6.0.2). It bails an Stefan> error message, which says that the session key is bad. I used Stefan> GPG 0.9.5 on Linux 2.2.9. Funny, but i now changed to the new version 0.9.8 of GnuPG and it seems to work (just doing some last test to be sure). I still don't know, why this don't work with version 0.9.5. -- Until the next mail..., Stefan.