Problems for PGP5 users to use my GPG-key.

Jonas Steverud
03 Nov 1999 19:13:27 +0100

This has been up before but no solution has shown up.

A friend of mine uses PGP 5.0 and we want to encrypt our emails. He can
decrypt my mails to him but when he tries to encrypt with my GPG 1.0.0
key he gets "No algorithm available that all keys support.".

I am planning to removed my "old" key (I want to change passphrase and
set an expiry) (since I have had "problems" with the current one and
only he know about it so there is no problem removing the key) and was

What does I need to do to make PGP to understand my GPG-key?
I.e. what does *I* need to do to make it posssible for PGP-users to
email me?

I am new to GPG but have read the manual and FAQ but could not find
the answer there. Complete examples would be much appreciated.


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