Problems for PGP5 users to use my GPG-key.

Wed, 03 Nov 1999 20:28:01 -0500

Jonas Steverud wrote:

> This has been up before but no solution has shown up.
> A friend of mine uses PGP 5.0 and we want to encrypt our emails. He can
> decrypt my mails to him but when he tries to encrypt with my GPG 1.0.0
> key he gets "No algorithm available that all keys support.".
> I am planning to removed my "old" key (I want to change passphrase and
> set an expiry) (since I have had "problems" with the current one and
> only he know about it so there is no problem removing the key) and was
> thinking:
> What does I need to do to make PGP to understand my GPG-key?
> I.e. what does *I* need to do to make it posssible for PGP-users to
> email me?
> I am new to GPG but have read the manual and FAQ but could not find
> the answer there. Complete examples would be much appreciated.
> Please?
I am a newbie too, but I recalled something from the gpg option file. I use the linux version and the file is in it's normal hidden config file. At line 14 is "force-v3-sigs" It says to remove it to get interoperability between gpg and pgp. This gpg program is very nice. I wish the manual was a bit better, though. :-)