encrypt algorythm with password

zentara zentara@gnat.net
Wed, 10 Nov 1999 23:01:20 -0500

"Gabor Z. Papp" wrote:

> [Please CC answers to me]
> Hi all, not closely gnupg problem, when I disturb, please
> let me know. I'm looking for a program, that do a simpley
> encrypting/decrypting of ascii files, and the key is a
> simpley password that can be passed to the command line.
> I must transmit ascii files (mails) via an insecure system,
> and I want encrypt that mails. But the source host also
> insecure, so I can't store my secring on it. Thats why I
> need a program, that do such coding, and even when the
> insecure intransit host have the program, he can't decrypt
> the mail, cos he don't know the password.
> Or maybe I'm wrong, and I can store without any risc my
> secring on insecure hosts, and without the password
> unusable?
You could use encrypted zip files. The only problem is that you might have to compile it yourself, but the source code is available out there. It will compile under linux as well as djgpp(dos). Also the encryption has been rumored to be cracked, but not by the average hacker. If you want to know where the source code is, do a web search for zip, or email me.