encrypt algorythm with password

Gabor Z. Papp gzp@gzp.org.hu
Thu, 11 Nov 1999 15:34:55 +0100

[Please CC answers to me]

Hi all, not closely gnupg problem, when I disturb, please
let me know. I'm looking for a program, that do a simpley
encrypting/decrypting of ascii files, and the key is a
simpley password that can be passed to the command line.
I must transmit ascii files (mails) via an insecure system,
and I want encrypt that mails. But the source host also
insecure, so I can't store my secring on it. Thats why I
need a program, that do such coding, and even when the
insecure intransit host have the program, he can't decrypt
the mail, cos he don't know the password.

Or maybe I'm wrong, and I can store without any risc my
secring on insecure hosts, and without the password