Compiling on DEC Alpha

Pit .
Fri, 12 Nov 1999 06:46:51 PST

>It runs fine on a ALPHA using GNU/Linux and gcc (3 or 4 different
>versions). So I guess that there is some problem with the
>optimization. Please try to disable optimization at all (CFLAGS="..."
>./configure ....).
thank you for the response. i have a few more questions. please bear with me, as im NOT a programmer, im a unix sysad and ive only taken three or four semesters of C(++)... and that is the extent of my experience. do you mean i should disable any CFLAGS? or should i actually set it to "..."? ive tried disabling just about everything with configure. one of the problems i ran into was any time a preprocessor command was indented, the compile bombed. ive fixed a lot of things, and now i only get 14 of 23 tests failed (a 6-test) improvement. however, i still get many many messages saying i dont have "secure" memory (what is that?) and blowfish selftest failed (1). any other suggestions? ______________________________________________________ Get Your Private, Free Email at