Compiling on DEC Alpha

Werner Koch
Fri, 12 Nov 1999 19:37:07 +0100

"Pit ." <> writes:

> do you mean i should disable any CFLAGS? or should i actually set it to
> "..."? ive tried disabling just about everything with configure.
Well I don't know the way to disable optimization for your compiler; you have to use thjose flags (or try CFLAGS=" ").
> one of the problems i ran into was any time a preprocessor command was
> indented, the compile bombed. ive fixed a lot of things, and now i only get
Ah. oky. You do not have an Standard C compiler. GnuPG requires a modern compiler and does not accept old K&R cc with extensions. The problem here is that Standard C allows #if foo #include <bar> #endif older compiler only accept #if foo # include <bar> #endif I won't make any chnages to the code becuase I thing that the modern form is better readable and we should not stick to ancient syntax conventions. A small sed script is your friend here. Because your compiler has problems anyway, you should install gcc on the machine. It does not make sense to use a compiler which would create faster code on an Alpha but actually can't compile the source ;-) -- Werner Koch at keyid 621CC013