gpg on windows

Eugene Cheipesh
Fri, 12 Nov 1999 23:21:20 -0500

Hello ...

    I am new to this list and I have a few questions :)
I am trying to use gpg under windows. My first question if of security. In
the manual it sais that random number generation is not tested under
windows. I was wondering if I inport a public/private key pair from a linux
machine (which should have secure algorithms) would that remedy the problem?

2) Just a note ...
If I encrypt a file to be read only by a curtain user is the whole file
getting envcrypted using public/private algorithm or does gpg generate a
symetrik key and just encrypts that and stores it at the begining of the
file ?

3) Doubt anyboyd knows but ...
Is there a way to force windows mail clients to have an outgoing filter? ex:
OutlookExpress. If not is there any other way to have them work w/ gpg?

when I use gpg it displays a msg that I do not have secure memory, what
exactly does that mean? Is it reffering to swap or what?

    Any info is welcome!



PS: Please do not flame me for using windows. 2 of my 3 computers are linux
and use gpg quite happilly, I'd just like to have at least some security on
windows as well.