can't get key from keyserver: Connection refused

Virgilio Sanz Virgilio Sanz <>
Fri, 26 Nov 1999 12:00:14 +0100

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Hi all,

	I'm having the same problem with all the keyservers I've used. I
believe the problem is that gnupg doesn't know how to connect via proxy.
I have my HTTP_PROXY environment variable set but it doesn't help

El vie, 26 de nov de 1999, a las 10:52:08 +0100, Werner Koch dijo:

> Lars Hecking <> writes:
> >=20
> > gpg: Signature made Tue Nov 23 06:58:18 1999 GMT using DSA key ID XXXXX=
> > gpg: requesting key XXXXXXXX from ...
> > gpg: can't get key from keyserver: Connection refused
> Some key servers are down quite often. Try to figure out one that is=20
> more stable and use it's address (e.g.,
> many more but those are the ones I use)
> > Is there any way to test the resp. keyserver from the command line,
> > e.g. telnet port 80 and issue <command>?
> $ nc -v host 11371
> And then issue HTTP commands. I think a short explanation is in doc/DETA=
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> Werner Koch at keyid 621CC013
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