interoperability with pgp

Thomas Bader
Fri, 1 Oct 1999 20:54:05 +0200

On Sunday, 26 Sep 1999, Boštjan Muller [NEONATUS] wrote:

Hi Boštjan,

> I would like to know how much is gpg interoperatible with pgp versions 2.x and
> above - the gpg's homepage only states that gpg can decrypt and verify
> signatures from pgp 5.x, what about other versions? Can gpg create sigs and
> encryptions so that users of pgp could decrypt or verify them?
GnuPG doesn't use the RSA and IDEA algorithms. So you can't use a key which is generated from PGP 2.x (PGP 2.x only knows RSA- and IDEA keys). PGP 2.x can't use a key from GnuPG, because PGP 2.x doesn't knows the algorithms (in this case DSA/EG). You can use a DSS/DH key with GnuPG (that is default for PGP 5.x and above) and you can use a DSA/EG key with PGP 5.x and above *without* problems; you can verify the signatures and decrypt encryptet mails. solong, Thomas -- Thomas Bader <>, Powered by LINUX 2.2 Infos und Tipps zu Linux, HOWTOs des DLHP <> ==> Failure is not an option. It comes bundled with your Microsoft product.