Tue, 05 Oct 1999 15:02:19 +0900

is anyone working on implementing pgpticket functionality
(e.g. library-wise, for a particular service, etc.) as described in:

the abstract says:

   OpenPGP specifies message formats and certificate formats used for
   exchange of encrypted and/or authenticated objects. This document
   discusses methods of extending OpenPGP's message formats to support
   an authorization system. This system would use public key
   cryptography to authenticate a user to a server and establish the
   user's access permissions. The concept is that the user acquires a
   ticket signed by some issuer that specifies what they are entitled to
   do. That ticket is then submitted to a server. The server uses a
   challenge/response method to verify that the holder really has the
   matching private key. The server then allows the access specified.