Spain: New Law Regulates Digital Signatures and Certificates

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Wed, 6 Oct 1999 21:17:11 +0200

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I thought this might be of interest to some.  My apologies to whoever
thinks it's out of place.

New law in Spain regulates digital signatures=20
(from the "Hispasec Electronic Bulletin")

"Real Decreto-Ley 14/1999 de 17 de septiembre"

"... aims, respecting the contents of the common position on directives
about electronical signatures, to establish a clear regulation about the
use of these (ie. digital sigs), providing it with juridical efficacy
and forseeing the applicable regime to the suppliers of certifying
services.  It determines the registry in which the certifiying services
suppliers will have to enrol and the regime of administrative inspection
of their activities, regulating the issuing and lost of efficacy of
certificates and typifying the foreseeable infractions and sanctions in
order to guarantee its execution."

Ok, this doesn't make much more sense in "real Spanish" either... it's=20
lawyers' blah, blah;  it gives a legal cover to digital signatures and=20
certificates in Spain.  I'll try to get hold of the full law article.

Kind Regards,

Valencia - ESPA=D1A

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