AIX support?

Brian Grayson
Thu, 7 Oct 1999 15:25:52 -0500

  I'm a newcomer to GnuPG, and am amazed at the amount of time it
takes to generate a key.  On a Sparc-20 running NetBSD, I had to
type characters for around a half-hour before key generation was
completed.  I don't have /dev/random configured, so that could be
part of the problem there.

  On AIX, however, it has been working for two days, printing
thousands/millions of .'s and :'s, with no apparent progress. 
I've done a little debugging, and the prime numbers all are
different, but they all are failing this test in primegen.c:
            mpi_powm( result, val_2, pminus1, ptest );
	    if( !mpi_cmp_ui( result, 1 ) ) { /* not composite */

  From a bit more debugging, result always has 6 "limbs", so it is
never equal to 1, so the test always fails.  I know nothing about

  Has anyone had success on AIX?

  Brian Grayson