signature verification in 1.0?

Werner Koch
Thu, 16 Sep 1999 11:03:03 +0200

Steve Nunez <> writes:

> dev% gpg --clearsign foo
> so far, so good. I've now got a foo.asc file, just like in
> mailcrypt. Now try to verify the signature:
Are you sure, that you didn't edit the foo.asc file?
> dev% gpg --verify foo.asc
> gpg: Signature made Tue Sep 14 16:51:30 1999 SGT using DSA key ID A901627E
> gpg: BAD signature from "Steven Nunez (Tibco email account) <>"
$ cat -e foo.asc -----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE-----$ Hash: SHA1$ This is a test of gpg signing.$ [...] I added the "Hash: SHA1" line and could verify the file. I also tested that this header line is created when you do a --clearsign. The presense of the hash line is important, because a missing Hash line indicates the PGP 2 compatibility -- Werner Koch at keyid 621CC013