Frustration (forgive a FAQ please)

Lazarus Long
Sun, 26 Sep 1999 04:39:30 +0000

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I realize this is a common question, but I'm seemingly just
unable to communicate with a PGP2 user, no matter how hard I try.
My ~.gnupg/options file contains the lines
load-extension rsa
load-extension idea
and the command line I used while manually testing (since mutt won't
behave for me) is
$ gpg --rfc1991 --cipher-algo idea --digest-algo md5 -a -r pgp2username -r =
gpgusername -o outputfile -e plaintextfile

("gpgusername" in the above is myself.)

All of this seems like it *should* be compliant with whatever PGP2 needs
to receive, but the following results seem to refute that.  You'll note
I even eliminated signing in the above attempt, trying to limit possible
problem areas.

$ pgp outputfile
Pretty Good Privacy(tm) 2.6.3ia  -    1996-03-04
 Current time: 1999/09/26 04:21 GMT

File is encrypted.  Secret key is required to read it.
Unsupported packet format - you need a newer version of PGP for this file.

Could someone please tell me how I can communicate with this particular
privacy advocate who insists upon using pgp2 out of distrust of "newer"
versions?  Not only am I unable to get mutt to do what I want (after
many hours of .muttrc changes, over many days) but it seems I'm unable
to even do this manually.

I am not interested in crippling my gnupg to use only old-format
techniques while conversing with most people, but do need to know how
to communicate with this one person when it is necessary.

Any assistance will be gratefully appreciated, as I'm feeling rather
obtuse at this point.  I suspect there is something obvious I am
overlooking, but I can not see it myself, hence this desperate request.

Please encrypt all mail whenever possible.  The following Public Keys
for Lazarus Long <> are available upon request:

  Type    Bits/KeyID    Fingerprint        (GnuPG (GPG) is preferred.)
GPG/ELG: 2048g/DE3E078A 0023 E86F A45A C46D 8243  1A7F 6FF2 84C1 3F5B F7CD
GPG/DSA: 1024D/3F5BF7CD (none for DSA keys)
PGP5/DH: 2048/D367A17F  A85A 6A13 B154 6F1C CEF8  F22A 59AE DCC5 D367 A17F
PGP/DSS: 1024/7C998C69  348E FD86 F86C 05FA 6BE1  FE89 C636 2AC9 7C99 8C69
PGP/RSA: 2048/BEBB2EA5  7B EA 8D CB 10 82 F2 30  05 B3 AE E4 08 69 58 E5

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Version: GnuPG v1.0.0 (GNU/Linux)
Comment: Now ready for primetime!