The Guardian

Roger Burton West
Thu, 30 Sep 1999 15:30:23 +0100

> Despite what the web pages say, this has not been offered for a
>while now. Try it; you'll get a message after a few days that PGP
>is no longer availible and suggesting that you use MAIL-FROM. I
>don't know if CRYPT-PW is still offered or not. I bet it isn't;
>it's just more work for them.
It is. I've just switched over to it. Mail-from is too easy to fake, these days.
> Who knows a .com/.net/.org registrar that does use a system
>compatible with GPG/PGP5.5? I have a couple hundred domains for
>the first one who does.
My domains will go to practically anyone except netsol, when this becomes possible... Roger -- Roger Burton West -/- -/- ICQ UIN 48964316, occasionally "Used to be you could be sure that a warrior was true; Nowadays everyone knows that it's cool to be blue..."