preferred method of sending a signed message.

J Horacio MG Horacio <>
Thu, 30 Sep 1999 17:26:44 +0200

El jue, 30 de sep de 1999, a las 08:17:51 -0500, Walter Truitt dijo:

> Please mail me directly because I would not like to start any sort of
> flame war on the list.
a flame war on MUAs? hope not, there's no reason to flame anyone on any personal choice.
> As there have been messages about mutt and other MUAs, I was currious
> the preference of format. I notice that some on the list use the
> clearsign style where the signature is part of the message and others
> use the pgpmime standard where the mail is a multipart/signed. Should
> one be given preference over the other.
The reason for someone to send clearsigned messages may be twofold: (a) his/her MUA does not / cannot handle MIME/PGP (mine does!), so he has to resort to old application/pgp; (b) his/her MUA does handle MIME/PGP, but he/she thinks others' don't (I sometimes send clearsigned msgs for this reason). BTW, my MUA is (proudly) mutt, which handles both pretty well (with a little help from a friend... ie. procmail). p.s. please, send any flaming contents to my personal address ;-) -- Horacio Valencia - ESPAŅA