How to apply a revocation certificate?

Florian Jenn
Fri, 1 Oct 1999 00:43:12 +0200

Hi everyone!

As I have an old PGP5 key lying around which I do not use and don't want to
be used, I generated a revocation certificate.  This worked well (about
which I'm happy, for I do not want to install also PGP5 on my machine).  Of
course, I first wanted to test it myself (after backing up my keyring)...

`gpg --import < certificate'  did produce some promising output:

gpg: key 3D887E44: revocation certificate imported
gpg: Total number processed: 1
gpg:    new key revocations: 1

Yet I'm still able to encrypt to this key and `gpg --with-colon --list-keys'
doesn't show `r' in the second field (according to doc/DETAILS).

This also happens with a ``genuine GPG'' key and if try it with another
user importing the certificate.

I'm using GPG 1.0.0.

Am I doing something wrong?

BTW:  It is nowhere clearly stated that you have to use --import to apply
the certificate.  Using just `gpg < certificate' results in ``Detached
signature / Please enter file name'' which is a bit confusing.  Some
hint in the man page / gph would help IMHO.

Besides this, gpg served me well all the time and I'm very thankful for

Thanks in advance,


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