Different size output on same input with Twofish?

Kyle Hasselbacher kyle@toehold.com
Fri, 7 Apr 2000 10:00:26 -0500

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	I have a large cpio file:

-rw-------   1 kyle     root     510725120 Sep 26  1998 longshot-usr.cpio

	I encrypted and signed it twice with the same options:

-rw-------   1 kyle     kyle     179852840 Apr  6 21:09 longshot-usr-2.cpio=
-rw-------   1 kyle     kyle     179682409 Apr  7 04:05 longshot-usr-3.cpio=

	The options were:

-z 9 --cipher-algo TWOFISH -esr kyle

	I also have these options in .gnupg/options:

load-extension ~/.gnupg/idea
load-extension ~/.gnupg/rsa
# Always encrypt for me.
encrypt-to 2A94C484
keyserver pgp.ai.mit.edu
keyring pubring.gpg
keyring debian-keyring.gpg

	I'm wondering whether it's normal to compress and encrypt the same
input and get such different output.  I wouldn't expect to get byte-by-byte
the same output, but I also wouldn't expect a 150K size difference.  I've
checked both files, and they seem to be the same once I unencrypt them.
Their signatures check out, and when I dump them to 'cpio -tv', I get the
same file list.
	If this IS normal, I'm curious about why it happens, but mostly I
just want to know that there's nothing wrong with these files.

	Please Cc: me any replies since I'm not subscribed to the list.
Thank you.
Kyle Hasselbacher               All computers wait at the same speed.

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